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BI Reporting Dashboards

Realtime pipeline insights to grow and refine your learning operation

Mortgage BI®

Integrations for Banks & Credit Unions

Connect LOS, core platforms, and servicing system


Productivity Applications

Deploy customized desktop layouts for maximum efficiency

SMART Email Signatures

App Pilot®

Virtual Desktops

Server Hosting in Microsoft Azure

Protect your client and company data with BankGrade Security

PointCentral Private Server Hosting

Know your Secure Score

Get your Cyber Defense Action Plan
Monitor your Risks
Actionable Insights

You're only as strong as your weakest link


Identify Security and Productivity Risks

Guardian Insights hones in on the pivotal details that safeguard your operations. It discerns the overlooked, such as inactive user accounts and unnecessary licenses, pinpointing where your security protocol needs tightening. With precision, it identifies dormant computers, unnecessary access, and misallocated resources, transforming potential vulnerabilities into actionable intelligence for a leaner, more secure infrastructure.


Secure Score Simulator

Enhance your cybersecurity strategy with Guardian Insight's 'Secure Score Simulator.' This tool empowers you to explore the fastest ways to elevate your Microsoft Secure Score. By reviewing best practice changes through a 'what-if' lens, you can see exactly how many points each recommended action will add to your score. We advise maintaining a Secure Score of at least 90% at all times to ensure robust protection for your mortgage company.

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Incident Monitoring and Support


Guardian Insight ensures your mortgage company's digital environment is constantly under the watchful eye of our SecOps team. With vigilant monitoring for Medium and High-risk security incidents and proactive email alerts, you're empowered to act swiftly to safeguard your operations. And when the unexpected occurs, our experts are ready to step in, offering the support and guidance needed to tackle and resolve issues, keeping your business secure and your mind at ease.


Transparent Actionable Reporting


Guardian Insight streamlines your decision-making with Transparent, Actionable Reporting. Our Cyber Secure Score Report delivers a succinct snapshot of your security posture, complete with a tailored action plan to boost your defenses. Coupled with Monthly Executive Summaries, your leadership stays ahead with up-to-date insights on cybersecurity efforts and progress—equipping them to lead confidently and clearly.

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Champion Cybersecurity for Your Mortgage Company



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