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BI Reporting Dashboards

Realtime pipeline insights to grow and refine your learning operation

Mortgage BI®

Integrations for Banks & Credit Unions

Connect LOS, core platforms, and servicing system


Productivity Applications

Deploy customized desktop layouts for maximum efficiency

App Pilot®

Virtual Desktops

Server Hosting in Microsoft Azure

Protect your client and company data with BankGrade Security

PointCentral Private Server Hosting

Everything you need to run and grow your mortgage business

while keeping your data safe


Top of mind for our mortgage customers...

How can we do remote work better?

Employees working from multiple locations

How can we maintain security?

A multitude of personal and mobile devices

How can we reduce our costs?

Increased phishing and ransomware


Collaberative Work
Work productively and securely from anywhere

Protect and monitor against
cyber threats
Stay engaged while
collaborating and communicating
Connect Your Systems

Defend Your Company Against Common Threats

Wire fraud and ransomware are the most expensive threats to your business. Mortgage companies are infected with Ransomware by clicking a dangerous email attachment. Once an email account is hacked, it's secretly monitored for months. Hackers will identify a borrower that's about to close on a purchase, and then send false wire instructions on closing day from the originators' real email account. Guardian for Microsoft 365 defends your data so you can rest assured that you're protected. 

frustrated young business man working on laptop computer at office

Security, Control and Compliance

Let us worry about security while you grow your business. We use Microsoft's cloud security stack, including Active Directory Premium and Defender for EndPoint (to name a few), to deploy the FFIEC banking security policies, ensuring your team and borrower data are protected.


Attractive young woman working on a desktop computer smiling as she leans forwards reading text on the screen, view over the monitor

Industry-Leading Support

Our white-glove support team is available 24/7 by phone for assistance with employee onboarding/offboarding, software installation, PC troubleshooting, printer help, and other IT support issues. We cater to the specific needs of our mortgage companies with a focus on security, system uptime, and client-centered service.



Stay Connected, Stay Secure

Get more done in less time, while making sure that security is never compromised. Say goodbye to pricey tools like Zoom, Slack, and RingCentral and deploy Microsoft Teams with video conferencing, screen sharing, permissions-based document storage, and instant messaging all built into one platform.


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Three Steps to Security, Efficient Productivity, and 




Set up strong Zero Trust foundations

Built for the mortgage industry to verify explicitly, use least privilege access, and assume breach.


Streamline endpoint management

Protect, manage, and support all computers/mobile devices and apps.


Unleash intelligent productivity

Get more done in less time and with less hassle with the power of AI.


Cloud services, desktop apps, and advanced security are all configured specifically for the mortgage industry.

Build your foundation for the next generation of AI
App Icons

Trusted by leading peers:

Mortgage Workspace (A Division of ABT 1999) a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, provides direct license resale and management for a cyber-secure work-from-anywhere company, data warehouse design, systems integration, and mortgage platform hosting. Mortgage Workspace serves over 900 mortgage bankers, brokers, credit unions, and banks. As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we are dedicated to helping your mortgage business thrive with Microsoft 365 Guardian.

Annual Subscription
Monthly Subsciption
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Monthly Price Microsoft 365 Guardian
$ 39
$ 46.80
Microsoft 365 Guardian
$ 64
$ 76.80
Microsoft 365 Guardian
$ 154
$ 184.40
1. Microsoft Premium Office Suite with Support and Security
*Premium phone support available by certified technicians
See footnote.
Daily monitoring by Mortgage Workspace Strategic Threat Analysis Team
Security Incident Reporting
*Unlimited technical support calls
See footnote.
Onboarding new users and account administration
Security Incident Remediation
Unlimited fully managed support
M365 Cloud Backup
2. Cloud App Protection
Email encryption
Secure send link for email signature
Block legacy email clients
Block dangerous email attachments
Block dangerous websites
Limit access to sensitive documents
Do not copy do not forward policies
Integrate 3rd party apps for single sign-on and auto account creation
3. Identity Protection
Authentication, single sign-on and multifactor authentication (MFA)
Conditional Access
End-User Self-service password reset/change/unlock
Identity Protection (Risky sign-ins, risky users, risk-based conditional access)
4. Data Protection (Windows, iOS, and Android)
Company Confidential - Internal Use Labels
Applies encryption to the file with permissions for the company users only
Enforce hard drive encryption
Enforce strong password
Enforce security updates
Remote wipe company data only
Automatically save company documents to OneDrive
No copying documents out of OneDrive
PC Lockout
Mobile device lockout
5. Device Protection and Management (Windows 10 pro or greater)
Remote malware scanning
Windows Defender for Business
Configure security features and settings on Windows 11 and Windows 10 PCs
Apply security policies to protect business data to Windows 11 and Windows 10 PCs
Automatically deploy the Microsoft 365 apps to Windows 11 and Windows 10 PCs
Configure your PCs to automatically install Microsoft 365 apps updates
Configure your PCs to automatically install Windows updates
Security alerts for non-compliant devices
Monitor and manage deployment of Microsoft 365 apps and Windows updates
Use simplified controls to manage policies applied to Windows 11 and Windows 10 PCs
Remote wipe
Remotely wipe company data from lost or stolen devices with selective wipe from Intune
Azure AD Registered
Azure AD Joined
3rd party patch management
6. Available Add-Ons (per user per month, annual term)
App Pilot
Mortgage Workspace Portal
Copilot for Microsoft 365
Smart Email Signatures
Guardian for Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup for Exchange Only
Guardian for Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup Suite for Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams
Microsoft Teams Premium

*Guardian for Microsoft 365 Plan 1: Unlimited Systems Support, but PC issues, training, and administrative issues are billable at our Technical Support rate. 

*Guardian for Microsoft 365 Plan 2: Unlimited free support calls for the first 15 minutes. Calls over 15-minutes become billable at our Technical Support Rate

*Guardian for Microsoft 365 Plan 3: Unlimited support! We act as your IT company and manage all accounts and devices at no additional cost. Utilize our white glove onboarding and offboarding team to impress your new employees and keep your licenses organized.


“We moved to Guardian for Microsoft 365 when we needed better security for employees working from home. They checked all the boxes I was looking for, plus I know they would notify me immediately if there were ever a problem with my network.”
Richard Pisnoy
Silver Fin Capital Group

Experience seamless licensing and subscription management tailored to your needs and discover a whole new way to work with our expertise as your mortgage cloud solution provider. 


Stay ahead of cyber criminals

At our core, we prioritize trust and security in today's digital landscape. We'll assist you in establishing strong Zero Trust foundations and strengthening your defenses to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals targeting mortgage companies.

Mortgage Cloud Best Practices-1

Manage your cumputers and mobile devices with ease

Managing endpoints and applications can be complex. Rely on us to simplify the process. We provide comprehensive protection, management, and support for all your endpoints and apps. Experience enhanced efficiency and enjoy peace of mind

Manage your computers and mobile devices with ease

Unleash your potential

As experts in Mortgage Technology, we empower you with AI to supercharge your productivity. Experience a new level of efficiency with Microsoft 365 Guardian, accomplishing more with less effort and time. Unlock intelligent productivity and transform your workflow.

Only the digitally dexterous thrive


Getting started with M365 Guardian is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Meet with one of our productivity and security experts to complete your cloud assessment.
We analyze your assessment and match you to the best M365 Guardian plan for your mortgage company.
Archive digital transformation maximizing your productivity and security while lowering IT costs.


Discover if You're Eligible for a No-Cost Cloud Security and Productivity Assessment!