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Information Security Compliance

Add security and compliance to Microsoft 365

Power BI Integrations

Realtime pipeline insights to grow and refine your learning operation

Mortgage BI

Integrations for Banks & Credit Unions

Connect LOS, core platforms, and servicing system


Productivity Applications

Deploy customized desktop layouts for maximum efficiency

App Pilot

Server Hosting in Microsoft Azure

Protect your client and company data with BankGrade Security

PointCentral Server Hosting

Business Intelligence in an open easy to use format
simplify mortgage platform reporting
Fund more loans in less time with real time KPIs

Create data dashboards and visualizations in minutes

Mortgage BI simplifies the reporting and analytics process by providing a centralized and collaborative platform to manage, visualize and share data that gives you and your team confidence in your decisions.


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Get self-service analytics at an enterprise scale

Play with live MortgageBI reports now:

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Stay compliant and protect your analytics data

Gain leading sensitivity classification and data loss prevention capabilities to help keep your data secure and compliant — even when it’s exported.

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Access live data from Encompass

With MortgageBI, Encompass Data Connect is no longer necessary! Audit multiple loans simultaneously without restrictions.

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Getting started with Mortgage BI is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Meet with an expert to discuss your data transfer needs

We will deploy a seamless "rules-based" data connection between your systems with regular and timely data updates

Your data transfer will be complete resulting in less errors and lower costs.

Trusted by leading peers:
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Mortgage BI has given us the power to collect, manage and analyze data in a way we could never do before. It's helped us provide clear, concise and detailed reports - all in a friendly user-interface that my team can easily use.
Jonathan Groffman
A1 Finances


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